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Our Vision

To live in a world with more humane technologies, where human rights are respected.

Our Mission

To undertake collaborative research and development projects in information technologies and related.

To educate the public about the benefits and challenges of leading information technologies.

To provide corporate services to maximise corporate responsibility related to the development or adoption of new technologies.

The technology charity

The adoption of new technologies is affected by many market failures such as the development of common standards and social issues such as privacy, security and trust.

For example, whilst the Internet brought significant social and commercial opportunities, it also created the digital divide, promoted spyware and viruses, etc.

Is technology a good or a bad thing?

In OSI we know that technology is neither good or bad. It is its usage what makes a difference. For this reason, we believe in humane information technologies that promote inclussion, protect human rights and the environment, and support economic development.

Our principles

Creation and promotion of free open source software (FOSS) as a way of maximising standardisation, affordability, transparency and openness.

Research on privacy enhancing technologies (PET).

Development of information technologies with maximum social and environmental benefits.

Provide consumers and the general public with knowledge and tools to protect their civil rights.

Promote collaboration between industry, governments and the citizen sector to achieve more humane information technologies.

Suggest regulatory frameworks and technological solutions to promote friendly information and communication technologies.


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